Moon Ball

Moon Ball is a sporting event that is only between Am and Sw. There are regional teams, and the best two of the two conferences play to be champion of a given year.

The game is played with 5 players on each team, one or two on defense, and the rest pressing the offense to score. The object is to take the 10 inch ball, that has an enchantment on it to fall slowly and get it into a goal, or for the players that have skill, through a multiple goals. The games have 2 15-minute halves, and team rosters are kept to a short 12-person roster.

The game has all the brutality of hockey, the ball handling of basketball and soccer, and the popularity of American football. There are 8 teams, which meet each other twice in a season, there are 14 games a season, 7 at the team’s home stadium, 7 at the opposing team’s stadium.

The odds on favorite are Murdock’s Marauders who have won the past three seasons handily, in part to their orcish offense and dwarven defense.

The eight teams are split into 4 team conferences:

Am conference:

  • Murdock’s Marauders (current “world” champions)
  • Valyn’s Wyverns
  • Darphil’s Dragons
  • Regal Quay’s Quasits

Sw conference:

  • Hønefess’ Hornets
  • Galgar’s Gargoyles
  • Sayrin’s Seraphim
  • Artöl’s Abominations

Moon Ball

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